Aqoona s'adapte ! Le déconfinement, à partir du 11 mai, ne concernera pas les personnes âgées et en particulier les résidents des Ehpad. Les mesures actuelles devraient durer dans le temps. Une situation de plus en plus difficile à vivre et à gérer dans les maisons de retraite en règle générale. C'est pourquoi Aqoona met à disposition sa plateforme pour ce type de structures et propose une version pour les seniors.
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Reinventing communication with parents.

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A complete communication platform

Everyday, the nursery sends reports to parents with the important elements of their children's day. The proposed solution is a digitization of the transmission notebook , current support during the exchange of information between nursery and parents. Tablets are available for nurseries and the solution can work perfectly away from any electromagnetic wave.

Child care assistant

Aqoona responsive

With Aqoona, the managers of nuseries feel supported in their activity, the work of childcare assistants is valued while the parents are completely reassured.

Aqoona scrupulously respects the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

An essential tool for your nursery



Aqoona allows nurseries to simply transmit to parents all the information concerning the daily activities of the children in their care. Because contact with parents is essential, Aqoona is a great support during transmission, and nothing more.

Albums photos

Parents can relive the highlights of their children's day. Each activity communicated to parents can be illustrated with photos giving a more precise and reassuring overview of their children's daily lives..

Communication and News

Aqoona disseminates the pedagogy of the crèche, the way in which the activities are set up, the way the children wake up or how they learn to interact together. Aqoona allows professionals to communicate and promotes their educational support.

Simply manage the activity of your structure

Aqoona responsive

Aqoona offers you indicators allowing you to easily monitor the proper functioning of your structure. This information relates to the links that you maintain with the parents but also allows you to have for example a clear vision on the management of your stocks or the management of your personnel.

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